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What is custom?

Custom window treatments etc. are specifically made for your windows. We will measure exactly, taking into account any eccentricities in the layout or size, manufacture them in our workroom, and install them on completion. We can custom paint hardware to complement your walls or decorations. All of the fabrics and trims that we sell are first quality.


How long does it take?

Normally it takes 2-4 weeks for your order to be fabricated. During the holiday period it may take a little longer. Delays can also happen due to back orders of fabrics and trims, especially those from Europe, and the manufacturing time for custom hardware. We will keep you informed of any delays to your order.


How much does it cost?

Custom window treatments are more expensive than ready-mades. They are not made in a factory, each treatment is personally made by a skilled seamstress to explicit measurements. They will be perfectly proportioned to fit your windows with the best linings and interlinings to make them a good investment for years to come. Our personal in-home service will save you time and stress. We have the experience to help you choose a style or design that is in keeping with your budget. Mistakes can be costly - that is why it pays to choose a custom window treatment professional to help you decorate your home.